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Chlorogenic acid and weight loss

Chlorogenic acid is a compound contained on green coffee which makes green coffee beans an excellent aid to lose weight since it works as a totally natural fat burner; therefore it has gained popularity among people who are looking for an effective and natural way to lose weight. The properties of green coffee beans have created some controversy since there are always skeptic persons in regard to revolutionary treatments until the efficiency of such treatments is demonstrated, fortunately the results provided by green coffee beans can be backed up by valid evidence.

Specialists on nourishment assert that green coffee beans have similar characteristics to green tea, they have an important incidence over metabolism, they promote the decrement of the absorption of sugars at a digestive level and they accelerate the combustion of fat. They also assert that properties contained on chlorogenic acid do not make it a magic compound, the intake of green coffee beans still has to be combined with an appropriate diet and exercise routine in order to provide the best results. It is important to reduce the intake of harmful foods with high levels of fat or sugar.

Green coffee beans cannot be ingested as traditional coffee, their extract can be found on capsules of natural supplements like Green Coffee Bean Max, which is a guaranteed product that can be acquired without a medical prescription and which counts with the FDA approval. Nutritionists recommend taking one capsule of the supplement about a half an hour before making exercise.

It is important to consider that green coffee bean extract is not a good alternative for people with morbid obesity since in such cases are required more drastic treatments.

Since green coffee beans extract is a natural product, the effects take some time in order to show results, that is why Green Coffee Bean Max concentrates on each capsule an optimal dose of the extract in order to provide faster results, a process that would normally show results in about three months can show results after just one month with Green Coffee Bean Max, however it is important to maintain the treatment.

There has been conducted an important study on the University of Scranton on U.S.A. where scientists worked with sixteen young individuals with ages in the interval of twenty two and twenty six years of age which were affected with overweight, these individuals were asked to intake the extract of green coffee beans for a period of twenty two weeks. Surprisingly, in the course of the investigation these young individuals lost in average eight pounds and decreased the amount of the fat in their organism in about sixteen percent. The leading scientist of the investigation, Joe Vinson, asserts that this result cannot be achieved by taking many coups of coffee in the course of the day, since the compound responsible for the mentioned results, the chlorogenic acid, is no longer present on coffee beans once they have been roasted for the industrial production of traditional coffee.