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How chlorogenic acid helps to balance blood pressure

Chlorogenic acid provides a wide variety of healthy benefits, as a powerful antioxidant, it has surpassed the effects produced by other antioxidants, since it reduces the production of aflatoxins in ninety five percent. It has been found that great concentrations of aflatoxins can produce cirrhosis, necrosis, liver carcinoma and liver cancer, acute hepatitis and digestive disorders among other pathologic conditions. Therefore, the chlorogenic acid plays an important role in the prevention of chronic diseases related to oxidative stress.

Regarding blood pressure, there are studies that reveal that chlorogenic acid has the capacity to balance blood pressure. It has been found that some people with high levels of blood pressure, who are supplied with a daily dose of 185 mg or at least 93 mg of a specific kind of extract of green coffee beans, present a reduction on the levels of blood pressure after a period of twenty eight days of treatment. This is due to the chlorogenic acid that is found on green coffee beans.

Studies have shown that the antihypertensive effect of the chlorogenic acid is produced because it is transformed into ferulic acid which regulates the production of nitric oxide, promoting in this way the vasodilation. Chlorogenic acid is an important aid to lose weight, which is an additional help to balance blood pressure, since overweight and high blood pressure are closely related.

Although in general the chlorogenic acid can be found on most of plants and herbs, the concentrations are too low to produce any effect on the organism, even if such plants and herbs are included in the diet of every day. However, the chlorogenic acid can be found on higher concentrations on seeds and fruits, thus, green coffee beans becomes the main source for this compound since they contain about six or seven percent of chlorogenic acid. It is important to understand that roasted coffee beans lose most of the concentration of chlorogenic acid.