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Green Coffee Bean Extract and Weight Loss

Green Coffee Bean Extract Just like tea is made by processing green tea leaves from their original state, the coffee we drink each morning is made with toasted grains of green coffee. Green coffee bean is the fruit of the coffee tree which has a green pulp because it has not finished its development; therefore it has no smell or taste. It is the grain of coffee that is ready to be toasted and subsequently grinded, becoming the coffee that we are used to drink.

The process of toasting alters the chemical composition of the grain. In a similar way to the case of green tea, green coffee beans are being scientifically studied as a natural complement to promote overall health. Like green tea, green coffee beans contain strong antioxidants of the family of polyphenol, as a variety of components which contribute to provide it the taste and smell that are so characteristic and delicious. Among these components we can find water, proteins, fats and oils, minerals, vitamins in addition to organic acids and alkaloids such as trigonelline, caffeine, and chlorogenic acids.

The main antioxidants of the family of polyphenol on the extract of green coffee beans belong to the category of chlorogenic acids (CGA) and caffeic acids. A significant evidence of how helpful can chlorogenic acids are is the fact that it can balance blood pressure, effect that has been discovered on one clinical study made on one hundred and seventeen women. Green coffee bean extract has become valuable because of its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and hypotensive properties.

Losing weight naturally

Green coffee bean extract is capable of providing a sensation of satiety because of its high content of phenolics such as chlorogenic acids which increases the intestinal secretion of the GLP1 neuropeptide. The neuropeptides are small proteins who are being released on different parts of the organism and who deliver signals to our brain to let it know that we have eaten enough, many studies have proven that this substance is released on our organism when we are satisfied after having a meal producing a cessation of appetite. Caffeic acids contained on the green coffee bean extract have also the property of reducing fat on the organism and they help to have a better digestive process.

Some important properties of green coffee bean extract include:

  • It promotes the thermogenesis. It helps to transform the storage of fat on the organism into calorific energy, contributing to a faster weight loss.
  • It has antioxidant properties. Green coffee bean use their antioxidant potential to combat free radicals which are responsible for many conditions and symptoms associated to ageing. Free radicals are molecules that damage cells and accelerate ageing.
  • It increases lipolytic activity. The lipolytic activity is the capacity of metabolizing fats which are stored on adipose tissue.
  • It fights cellulites. Due to the lipolytic activity of green coffee bean extract, it can be used as a treatment against cellulites and to remove accumulated fat.

With no place to doubt, green coffee bean extract is great ally of our figure since it increments significantly weight loss and a healthy proportion between muscle mass and fat.