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Health and weight loss

Green Coffee Bean Max Kitchen can be called as the laboratory of health, since there is the place where all meals that we end up eating are prepared. And it keeps being the laboratory of health even at the time of losing weight; therefore it is important to know which the most adequate diet is for every person since something highly recommendable is to lose weight in a balanced way.

The experts in nutrition recommend to watch over the calories contained on every food that we intake, consequently it is useful to have an approximate idea of which foods are healthy and recommendable to include them on our diet on a daily basis. Losing weight does not consist on stop eating food that is required by our organism with the consequent risk for our overall health, therefore here are some useful tips that will help you on a healthy weight loss with durable results:

  • Measure carefully the calories that you are going to intake from now on, you can reduce the amount in 100 calories, it is not recommended to reduce more than one hundred calories because it will only decrease your energy levels and make susceptible of being tempted to eat foods with high levels of calories. A good practice constitutes on taking note of ingested calories on a notebook to keep a tracking at the end of the day and compensate the deficits or surpluses on the following days.
  • Distribute your food in five meals throughout the day: breakfast (it is important for you to avoid skipping breakfast since it will increase your appetite), a meal at midmorning, lunch, another meal at mid afternoon and dinner. Avoid snacks between meals.
  • Resort to foods on their light version since they have very low levels of calories.
  • When you are about to prepare your meals, remove all the fat on the meat that you are going to eat. Use simple recipes which do not require too much oil, try to prepare your meals on microwave, grill, oven, and if you really have to use oil on your meals then use olive oil since this is the healthiest type of oil and the most recommended for a weight loss process.
  • When you prepare stews, do it with advance. Let the stews to cool in the fridge and remove the layer of fat with the help of a spoon. In this way you will preserve the taste of your meal without the fat.
  • Do not allow yourself a starvation feeling, this is the purpose of distributing your food into four to five meals on the course of the day. You could exchange some foods between dinner and breakfast, reducing your intake of calories on dinner and consuming them on breakfast, after all you will have the whole day to burn them.
  • You should eat at least three of these four types of foods on each meal: cereals, breads and grains; fruits and vegetables; soy and low-fat dairy; fish and lean meats.