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Prepare yourself to lose weight for these holidays!

Green Coffee Bean Max Christmas holidays are near, and with them the complications to maintain a balanced weight. Christmas holidays constitute a season of the year during which everyone has such hurry for selecting the gifts on many stores and galleries, this hustle is responsible for so much stress that people forgets to take some time to take care of themselves. This carelessness is reflected on the diet, we forget to keep eating healthy with the excuse that we do not have time to prepare healthy meals, or that we already are on a season on which we can eat everything that we want.

However, there a series of tips and advices that you can adopt in order to prevent gaining some extra pounds on this seasons and maintain a healthy weight:

  1. Drink a lot of water, even if you are on the hustle of buying the gifts; take a little bottle of water with you all the time.
  2. Have a complete and nutritious breakfast every day without exceeding the amount of carbohydrates programmed for that meal.
  3. Adopt a balanced diet based on vegetables and fruits. It is important for you to find some simple and nice recipes based on vegetables and fruits that you can easily prepare to include these elements on your diet every day.
  4. This is one of the most recommended tips by experts, if you are going to be invited to a social event, try to go with your appetite satiated, and therefore eat normally before the event.
  5. Find an exercise that you like the most and get used to do it every day. If you are still acquiring your gifts and preparing everything for the incoming holidays, then take advantage of your activities and replace motorized transport by walking or riding a bike; or the elevator by climbing the stairs, there is always a way to include exercise on your daily routine without having to put aside your most important tasks.
  6. Choose low-fat meats (like fish or seafood) to include them on your meals.
  7. Avoid the intake of fried food or meals with high content of sugar.
  8. Chew well and slowly, you must enjoy every bite that you eat! You must consider that the signal of satiety from the stomach takes about fifteen minutes to arrive to the brain. Therefore, by eating slowly you will be feeling satisfied with less food.
  9. Stop eating once you get to feel satisfied, sometimes friends or family encourage us to keep eating even if we feel satisfied, or sometimes we eat more just because of anxiety and nervousness, it is important to pay attention to the signals of the organism and stop eating once we are satiated.