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Green Coffee Bean Max

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Green Coffee Bean Max

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Preserve your youth while you also burn some pounds

Green Coffee Bean Max While most of the people thinks that coffee is harmful for overall health, scientific studies are demonstrating the contrary. The extract of green coffee beans became one of the most demanded products for weight loss on the market, however, weight loss is not the only benefit provided by green coffee beans, and they also provide a wide variety of benefits to preserve overall health and prevent premature ageing of cells.

There are two main types of coffee plants: Arabica and Robusta coffee plants. The beans of highest quality come from the Arabica coffee plant, which contains higher concentrations of the polyphenols which work as excellent antioxidants. Stress, bad nourishment and pollution contribute to the appearance of free radicals which are responsible for the cellular ageing as for the emergence of certain diseases caused by the wastage of cells. To combat them our organism produces certain substances known as antioxidants with the mission of neutralizing free radicals and preserving c ells from their attack.

However our lifestyle increases the level of free radicals to which our organism is exposed to, therefore we need to encourage the production of antioxidants on our organism by including certain substances on our daily diet. That is the case of polyphenols which can be found on fruits, vegetables and in higher concentrations on green coffee beans. When the organism processes these elements, the polyphenols increase the capacity of our organism to combat free radicals. Besides, the polyphenols have the capacity of absorbing heavy metals which are circulating throughout our organism, in this way the polyphenols neutralize them preventing consequences produced by the presence of these metals.

In addition to their properties as antioxidants, the polyphenols also have anti-inflammatory properties and they also protect the cardiovascular system by strengthening small capillary vessels. The polyphenols have proven to be very effective at the time of preventing certain types of cancer while at the same time they also protect the liver from the attack of toxins.

Only green coffee beans contain a high concentration of polyphenols, toasted beans lose their content of antioxidants and nutrients due to the toasting process. Most of coffee plants are sprayed with pesticides and herbicides which cover with toxins the beans; this is why natural nutritional supplements such as Green Coffee Bean Max are made only with organic coffee beans which are free from these dangerous chemical substances which congest kidneys, liver and intestines and promote the emergence of cancer.

There are many benefits associated to the intake of green coffee beans; recent studies have revealed that the intake of green coffee beans extract reduces the risk for the emergence of diabetes of type II. Investigators found that the chlorogenic acid which is the main antioxidant obtained from the extract of green coffee beans reduces the excessive release and production of glucose on the organism.

The benefits provided by polyphenols will depend on where they come from, for instance if they come from red wine they will attack free radicals responsible for the increment of bad cholesterol, while if they are obtained from fruits, they will combat free radicals responsible for cellular ageing.