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The percentage of proteins on your diet can help you to balance your weight

Having a balanced diet combined with an exercise routine is the best strategy to maintain a healthy weight and a general welfare. Until now, one of the most important ways to control weight has been to keep a tracking of the calories ingested, however that is not the only factor that should be considered. A study developed by prestigious researchers of the University of Sidney, has helped to detect an important link between proteins and the success of dietetic plan to balance body weight and provide satisfaction.

A protein is a substance which is found on every living cell of the body, the main functions of the protein include building and repairing skin, organs and muscles. Therefore it is important to intake the required proteins which can be found on foods like nuts, whole grains and dairy products.

Calories, on the other hand, is a measuring unit of the amount of energy found on every food. Foods provide a determined number of calories which provide the body the required energy to perform a variety of functions. However, if you intake more calories than those who are actually employed by your organism, the redundant calories are stored as fat.

Foods which are composed by a variety of substances provide different amounts of calories. For instance, for each gram of protein or carbohydrates provided by a food, the same product will provide four calories, while for each gram of fat the food will provide nine calories. The investigation made on the University of Sidney has revealed that people feel more satisfied with a diet which includes the appropriate amount of proteins, while people who eat fewer proteins on each meal tend to look for other foods to satisfy their appetite.

Therefore, according to the results provided by this study, it is recommended to receive at least fifteen percent of the required calories from proteins. It is important to complement the diet with vegetables and fruits, which are important to maintain a balanced weight and a healthy state.