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What is a balanced diet?

To eat is a pleasure and a need. Your body needs nutrients to be able to work properly, but there are foods which eaten in excess can trigger annoyances and diseases, on short or long terms. Therefore, the ideal is to eat food that your body needs and that you like. Imagine that you like to eat pizza or hamburgers, however if you eat them every day, your body would be receiving the same nutrients all the time and some others might missing. Besides, pizza has too many carbohydrates and hamburgers contain too much fat, both of them are components which encourage obesity and overweight and other conditions associated to them.

Should you stop eating hamburgers or pizza? Not exactly. One of the most common when thinking on a healthy diet is to think that everything we like is forbidden. On the contrary, you must feel satisfied with everything you eat; you must enjoy your food. Therefore rule number one to get a balanced diet would be to open your mind to new combinations of flavors and colors that may be equally exquisite. Rule number two: be patient but persistent, you will not be able to change your diet habits from one day to the next, it will some take time to accustom your palate to new flavors, therefore you should include new ingredients on your diet bit by bit so your palate gets used to new flavors.

The most important nutrients provided by different foods are: proteins, vitamins, sugar or carbohydrates, fiber, fat, minerals and water. Do not forget to include at least one litter of water per day on your diet. You could try a tip: if you feel hungry even if you just had a meal, then drink a glass of water, if after that you don’t feel hungry then actually you were thirsty. Sometimes thirst is misinterpreted as hunger.

The most recommended diet always includes vegetables and fruit, since they have low levels of calories and they have a high content of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Antioxidants are very important for your health, they help on cell regeneration and delay the process of ageing, a very important source of antioxidants which also helps you to balance your weight is Green coffee bean max, a natural supplement which is one hundred percent natural since its formulation is based on the extract of green beans of coffee, this extract has important properties that will enhance your health while balancing your body weight.